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  • 1 page design $325
  • 3 page design $450
  • 5 page design$600
  • All Sites are due through wix.
  • Websites 1 - 2.5 weeks turnaround dependingon the company and client communication.
  • Domain and Hosting is not included, but we will assist you on getting that done once the designing of the site is done.
  • This price reflect a deposit only, and the remaining balance will be due before we transfer the site to your wix account.
  • If the site is abandoned for more than 60 days from start date , then all deposits will be lost.





Website Design Deposit

  • No Refund on deposites will be given after the  work has strated been started. Refunds are given before the work is started for whatever reason. (Example: Changing your mind, Timing isnt right, etc.)

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